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Needle and Thread by Al kadri is a firm based of Italian heritage we import our fabric from italy every fashion season,then we convert the fine fabric to a piece of art that you can wear,we proudly vaunt a wide variety of bespoke suits,shirts,jackets and much more. Whatever the occasion is a wedding, a gathering,or an important business meeting,we want you to be able to stand in front of the mirror and know that you are going to look your absolute best and feel confident and relaxed, expert advice exquisite clothing and a service that is second to none is what we stand for. we suit you
As we know how suits should fit, how trousers should be slimmed, and how stitches should match, our Alternation service is not just about lengthen and shorten, it's about re-design the cloth to look as it was designed for you, and only you Don't ever wear it if it's not exactly you, Hems, Pants, Jeans, Skirts, Dresses, Suits, Jackets, we re-structure them to be an impression of you


Established in 1663

It’s largest customer is the Italian fabric mill and luxury menswear fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna


Since 1911  the Italian excellence in shirting world.

made up of five brands with five textile production plants and three garment manufacturing ones.


Acquired by Albini Group in 1992

British inspired, with a touch of eccentricity, Thomas Mason collection is characterized by double twisted fabrics, crafted using only the finest yarns from the extra-long staple Egyptian cotton


a leader in the designer
and luxury 

Leggiuno started out as a textile mill in 1908 and was bought by the Leva family in 1937 which owned a large local shirt factory and the company was one of its suppliers. The company gradually expanded after the war and added yarn dyeing


stand out for quality, luxury and sophistication

Reda fabrics are the result of a successful combination between tradition and craft experience together with technological and stylistic innovation. Each collection blends a careful reinterpretation of classic tailoring patterns with the essence of Mode in Italy for a genuine and discreet luxury that involves all senses and being enhanced by accurate material research. production ethics and respect for the environment.


fashion house founded in 1967 in Paris by the Italian stylist and fashion designer Nino Cerruti

The Lanificio Cerruti represent an adventure in Biella, began in 1881 but that has its origins in 1770 and that has gone through 250 years of innovation, merging itself, since 1951, with the history of the world’s Fashion, thanks to the inventiveness and creativity of the designer Nino Cerruti. Drapes of high quality, Italian raw materials that transcend fashion and luxury, entering the dimension of pure beauty.


DRAGO is an Italian company that produces quality fabrics for men

Everything began in 1973 when the founders of the Drago family created the historical spinning company, real referring point for the main wool mills in Biella

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Passionate hard working experinced crew loving what they do and doing what they love

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Choose from a variety of textures and colours 

Accessories that fits your life

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Valued customers we are pleased to inform you about a new feature that we have Implemented on our website which allows you to enjoy our services that includes made to measure suits,trousers and shirts for men and night dresses,wedding gowns for women to wherever you are! We will send our expert team of tailors to suit all your needs you will also get to enjoy our wide range of special offers all a click away. here at Needle and Thread we suit you

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Needle & Thread by Al Kadri

Alkadri family heritage extends back to 1921 where we originally started as uniform manufacturers for the French army.Mr H. Al Kadri who holds a high degree of Law re-established the company in the year 1979 as Al kadri Trading and Industrial Group. For over 37 years His Company remains the leader in fashion.we proudly vaunt a wide variety of apparel for both men and women. The company also operates as a license franchise from many world-wide fashion companies carrying the following brand names such as:Pierre Balman, Pierre Cardin, Peter Berg We also incorporate with world class fabric brands such as:Lanificio F. LLI Ceruti, Reda, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Drago Biella, Loro Piana,Tessitura Monti, ThomasMason,Albinni,Leggiuno. Mr.Al Kadri is a creator and visionary persona he also attends all the fashion weeks in Milan, Paris and New York.The wide knowledge,expertise, experience and creativity qualified him to be a member of the jury at Esmode International Fashion School for many years.Mr.Alkadri is a pioneer and leader in the fashion feild leading the company Needle and thread by Al Kadri to achieve a global and successful fitting for professional business men and women in the GCC countries and others.